Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Mascara Cocktail..

Hey Guys & Gals! Welcome back to my blog! So I know that it has been a while since my last post, and instead of going on about where I have been, I thought I'd just jump on into something fun! 

So I rarely ever do falsies, and finding a Mascara that does everything I need has been ridiculous! But I have found a combination that I've been using for about 3 weeks and it has been working so good for me! 

Now here is the funny part......I HATE each of these mascaras by themselves!! So below you'll find out what mascaras I use, what they add to the mix, and I explain what I dislike about them. And then of course share why I love these together!! 

So like I said, I tried all of these alone, and each of them did half of what they could on my lashes. My lashes are so straight and they tend to fall shortly after I apply mascara. When I used to use the Mally by itself I noticed that I was using mostly the defining side, because once I add the maximizing side, my lashes would go back to looking stumpy! And the Benefit is very good, however; on my lashes after 2 coats it just thickens and then clumps, but with one coat along with the mally it adds length and volume with 1 coat. Its like because the Mally separates so well that it helps the benefit apply more evenly too. The loreal isn't totally necessary but I like that it finishes the look off with thickness, making my lashes look more full!

Well Guys & Gals I hope you guys enjoyed this! Do you have a Mascara Cocktail?? If you do let me know below! I am always changing things up , so I'd love extra tips!! Thanks for stopping by!!
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