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Review: Benefit Porefessional Agent Zero Shine!

Hello BeautyCravers! Im finally back! and what better than with a REVIEW!
Today I'm gonna be reviewing a NEW Product that has just Hit Shelves at my ULTA on Thursday! and It is..... Benefits Porefessional Agent ZERO Shine!
I got this about 4 Weeks ago, when one of our amazing Benefit Gals, came in to train us on it!
When I first heard Benefit was doing the famous POREFESSIONAL in a Powder form, I was super excited!!! So Lets Jump Right in to the Review!

The Porefessional Agent ZERO Shine
Its 0.24 oz.
Retails for $30, which is the same as the original Porefessional.
"Shine doesn't stand a chance against the POREfessional: Agent zero shine. Our invisible-finish PRO powder helps shrink the look of pores an minimize shine. The all-in-one powder-brush dispenser makes it extra easy...just twist, tap & Sweep to look fresh-faced, without a trace!"
"Twist off built-in brush from base. Then tap powder into lid and dip brush. Sweep on moisturized skin or over makeup to instantly mattify your complexion."
Okay so they put this into 3 easy steps! However its not as simple as they put! Not that its hard, just its not as simple as Twist, Tap, Sweep! 
Its more like Take off Cap, twist open dispenser, then twist off built-in brush, tap powder into cap and dip brush, and then sweep onto face! And even though its still simple, if your in a rush it can be a little much!
But onto the actual product! So I do like this product, but I dont LOVE this product, Like its not that it doesn't work its just, Basically Shine DOES stand a chance against Agent Zero Shine! I have very oily skin so for me its a tough battle! I find myself applying touch ups after about 2-3 hours. Which isn't terrible, but its not what I hoped for! But even with that being said, this product does have great qualities that keep me using it. For one I love that even though it does mattify my skin, it doesn't make me look dull! Typically using a mattifying powder I find that after application I look very dull, and have lost all radiance. But with this powder I dont lose my natural radiance at all! Which is a Quality I LOVE! Also It definitely does minimize pores!!!!!!!

Overall: I give this product a 7/10 I think it is a great product!  The only negative things I have to say about it is... I wish I could get a longer wear out of it, and the process it takes to apply is just a little much! BUT I do love that it minimizes my large pores, and that its does help tame my shine! 
UPDATE? I used it again today! This time I used my Urban Decay B6 spray first! And I will say I got an extra hour out of it! I touched up into my fourth hour! and It wasn't so much that I looked Oily more that I felt oily!!!
I would definitely recommend this to someone who is combo/oily or Oily skin type. Just I recommend that if you are oily don't fully rely on this by itself to matte you out! 

Available @ ULTA , Benefit Cosmetics

So that Concludes my Review Ladies&&Gents! I hope you guys enjoyed this, and found it helpful! If you have any question or comments leave them down below or Tweet me! Also if you guys get around to trying this out let me know how you like it or what you think!

DISCLAIMER: I Received this as a Gratis Award for participating in training on the product. I was not asked to do a review. This is my HONEST opinion on the product.

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