Monday, November 4, 2013

Clinique Gratis HAUL!

Hey Loves!
So Today 11/4/13 I got a Package that I have been waiting for!!!
If you don't know I am a Clinique Beauty Consultant at ULTA!
and Quarterly we get a GRATIS AWARD!
meaning they give us a certain amount to use on their Gratis site!
I'm not sure how they choose the amount we get, but I know me and my counter manager got the same amount! 
DISCLAIMER: So NO I did not purchase this with my own money, but I earned it by working for the company.
This is my 2nd time receiving the Gratis Award! The first time was when I first was employed, and to be honest I just bought skincare stuff!
But this time I got some skincare and some beauty products! YAY!!!
Also at the end I will be including a pic of some goodies I got in a gift bag from ULTA's Holiday Meeting!
So I thought I'd Share!

I waited for this package all day! I got an alert saying it would be delivered by the end of the day, and literally I must had been their last delivery!

So Im going to start with the things that arent in packages! Which happens to be..
Liquid Facial Cleanser Oily Skin Formula, Clarifying Lotion #4, and Dramatically Different Moisturing Gel (DDMG)

First and Most Importantly I had to get more of my 3-Step System!
I literally just ran out of my cleanser this morning, and I ran out of my clarifying lotion like a week ago! I am a #4 in their 3-step system!
(If you guys would like a post on the 3-Step System and how it works, Leave a comment below!)
Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam and Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion 
I also picked up the Acne Solutions 3-Step System! Minus the moisturizer.
We still have a little left and to be honest we like the DDMG better.
Both me and mason(my bf) use this, and we love it.
Mase uses it daily and I use it when I have a breakout!
Acne Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask
Also for skincare I picked up this Acne Solutions Oil-Control Mask!
I am a grease ball, so I thought I'd give this a try! Plus I'm told it can be used as an overnight spot treatment!
Now for the Fun Part...
Universal Superprimer
Starting with one of their NEW Superprimers.
Actually I didn't order this myself. After I submitted my actual order they threw this and the new eyeshadow quad in, as an extra gift!
So this is the Universal Primer! I have yet to try these so I am excited.

The 2nd gift they added was this eyeshadow quad is "Jenna's Essentials"
It's a smokey palette! I've played with these at work! and they are very pigmented!

So the 1st actual Beauty Product I hand picked is this Stay-Matte Foundation in Vanilla.
I took a couple samples from my counter to see how it works, and I fell in Love.
So this was a must! The color looks a little light in the tube, but I've worn this shade and works with my skintone very well!
Advanced Concealer in Shade 01 Matte Light

I am a little bummed about this, because on the site this shade looked darker.
It appears to be a little too light for me. But may work in the winter.
and it somewhat works on my undereye! 

Bottom Lash Mascara in Shade 02 Black/Brown

I honestly picked this up, because I had $10 dollars Left. 
But I still thought this was cool. It's definitely one of those things I wouldn't actually care to buy, but if given I will definitely use!

Eye Defining Liquid Liner in Shade 01 Black

Eyeliner is one of my favorite steps in makeup so this was a MUST! They didn't have their cream liner on the site , so I settled for this, but after seeing the felt tip, I have a feeling I am going to loveeee this!

Lastly, I got a couple of lipsticks!
High Impact Lip Colour 14 Cider Berry
High Impact Lip Colour 02 Nude Beach
Long Last Lipstick 06 red red red , I got 2 of these. this pic does not do this lip color justice, it is a trueeee RED!

High Impact Lip Colour 27 After Party

High Impact Lip Colour 19 Extreme Pink


So that is all that I picked up for my Gratis Award!
I plan to do a Review on a couple of these products so be on the look out!
Also if you guys have any questions about any of these products, Leave a comment below or tweet me! Also if you have Q's about working for Clinique or ULTA.
Anywho I hoped you guys enjoyed this!
Until my next blog.
Thanks for stopping by!
"NO matter what you crave for, always take a bite into your dreams!"
XOXO yaya.

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  1. Wow! So many amazing products. I use a clinique foundation right now and I love it. That "red red red" lipstick looks so hot!


    1. Thats awesome! which one do you use? and YES It looks even better in person!
      Thanks for stopping by doll!
      XOXO yaya!

  2. I'm so jealous...I really like the nude beach shade of lipstick! May just have to try it out myself♥

    O heart san

    1. Yes you should! Clinique definitely takes care of its employees!!
      Thanks for the follow and stopping by!
      XOXO yaya!

  3. Hey babe,
    Just found you on Beautylish!
    I love your blog, it's gorgeous!
    I bought the primer a few weeks ago and can't part with it, don't think I can use any of the other skincare from Clinique though because I'm scared that it'll be a little too harsh on my skin =(

    1. Thanks for stopping by doll! and Thank you, I've put some hard work into it! Im goin to use the primer for the first time tomorrow! But honestly Clinique's line is reallllyyy gentle! I have sensitive skin, and its so gentle i can even use there acne stuff! You should stop by your nearest counter and get a sample!
      Hey how about a follow for a follow?
      Gonna check out your blog!
      XOXO yaya

  4. Ooohh!! So many cool things! I love the lip colors, and I'm always using the gel moisturizer too!

    1. Yooo why didn't you tell me you had a blog!!!! I just followed! Im too juiced for thee naked 3.
      How about you follow back yeah?? :)
      Thanks dolll.

  5. How long did it take you to get your order once you placed order?

  6. How long did it take you to get your order once you placed order?


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