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Halloween FINALE!

OCTOBER 31ST, 2013!!!!!!!!
For Halloween I wanted to do something fun and easy!
I also wanted it to somewhat compliment my nephews costumes!
My younger Nephew(3) was a little devil boy, and my older nephew(6) was Toad from Super Mario!
So I had to really think through of two Characters that were somewhat compatible. 
One that was edgy, and devil like, and one that was cute and girly.
The obvious would have been princess peach from Super Mario, but that is a costume that you need a little more than just good makeup!
So I looked down at my car keys and it popped right into my head!

So Adventure time is one of me and my boyfriends fave shows!
and it was only perfect that I did this. 
Princess BubbleGum is sorta like Princess Peach
and Marceline is a vampire so that went great with a little devil boy!

 I basically figured I could use pinks and purples to accomplish PB and then do a edgy vampy look to achieve marceline!
Lets just jump into thee product list!


Okay so as always I began with my complexion, which was extremely simple I chose to not use a liquid foundation, because I only did my makeup to go trick or treating.

So I began with my Pur Minerals primer as always! I then concealed using my amazing cosmetics concealer. I went a little heavy on my under eye and then took a little on a couple blemishes. Now looking at the pic above I'm sure your wondering,,"Why so many powders?"
Well they all had a different purpose. 
After I concealed I used my Rimmel Stay Matte powder right under my eyes! Then 
I took my kryolan translucent powder heavily under my left eye. Marceline's character has like a grey skin tone, so i wanted to achieve an ashy look.
I used my NYX powder all over my face to absorb any oil and keep me matte.

Okay for my brows I did something a little different.
For My PB side I decided to erase my brow using NYX JUMBO pencil in milk.
If you have naturally bold brows you may have to use a glue stick first then conceal. but my brows are pretty fine so this worked fine for me. Then I took a purple shade from my 120 palette and created my brow!

For My Marceline side, I took my Starlooks eyeliner and created an intense brow. I flicked it at thee end to give a dramatic look.

So for my eye shadow I first began with PB's side

I used Bella Pierre shadows, and all i did was take the pink shade heavily all over my lid, and above my crease and I flicked it out into a cat like shape.
Then I took the purple right on top of that and blended it into the pink. I also dragged these shades onto my lower lash line.
For Marceline's look I used my 120 palette. I basically took the Matte white shade all over the lid stopping right at my crease, and then took a black shade and carefully took that into my crease and outter corner. I wanted it to have a cut crease that is why I took my time with it.
I also dragged that on my lower lash line. Then I used the red shade right under the black on my lower lash line and created a red and black gradient.

After that I winged out my liner on both eyes and applied mascara.

For PB complexion I contoured using a blend of some pink shades from my 120 palette.

For Marcelines complexion I contoured using my elf cool bronzer quad. But I contoured with the same brush I applied the black shadow with to totally deepen it and appear more vampy.

For PB's Highlight I used a shimmery pink shade from my 120 Palette.
For Marcelines Highlight, I used a shimmery silver shade from my 120 Palette.

For PB's Lip color I used a very bright pink lipstick from Wet N' Wild and a pink liner from NYX
& For Marcelines lips I used NYX black lip liner and Revlons black cherry lipstick
To finish off both looks I added some extra things!
On both I used NYX glitter liner around the inner corners of both eyes.
Then for my PB side i decided to create some kind of bubblegum on my forehead.
On my Marceline side I created some red veins coming from my under eye.
I achieved both using a halloween makeup palette I got from Walmart.

So that is just about it guys!!
I really hope you enjoyed this! I did this was a fun look for me. and my nephews loved it!
If you guys have any questions please leave a comment below or tweet me!

Thanks for stopping by loves!
NO matter what you crave for, always take a bite into your dreams!
XOXO yaya!

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