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"At First Bite" TooFaced Be Merry & Be Bright Palette! (New Series!)

Heyyyy BeautyCravers! So I wanted to start some type of series to my blog! Something that you guys can look forward to! I wanted something that is kind of my own, ya know. I know I could do first impressions, and Reviews, but I wanted to take it a step further, or back if you will! Basically This will be a series called "At First Bite!". It will be my first thoughts on a product, showing swatches, and what I think before I actually use it! Then after I have created a look or 2 I will feature it in a later post, with updates! So lets begin!

So I recently did a little haul at ULTA, and though I am super excited for everything I picked up, this one I am MOST excited for. So first let me say when this first hit our shelves, I said in my head "That is coming home with me!" 
Its been out for a little over a month or so, but I waited. We had an Employee Appreciation weekend, so we got a little extra of a discount, so I thought perfect time to pick up the things I have been eyeing..and this was thee most important item!

TooFaced Be Merry & Be Bright

The Packaging is super cute! The Polka Dots are so cute and festive, and The fact that it came with a makeup bag,,,UM YES!
Be Merry Palette

Okay So as soon as I opened this I was amazed at how pretty these are! I love that all of the Names are somewhat holiday themed. I am a bit hesitant to the fact that all but "Egg Nog" are shimmer shades. I am more of a Matte person, but I will definitely make it work. Plus this collection was just too pretty to pass up!
The Bronzer "Spice" is a little light but I think it will be nice for a Daytime look, I can use it to warm up my face. and the Blush "Peachy Keen" is a Beaut! it has a shimmer and Gold Glitter flakes. Definitely wont be an everyday shade for me, but its sooo pretty so I will put it to use!
Be Merry Palette

Are you Drooling yet? It's not picking up in the pics but "Bubbly" and "Chocolate Moon" have Gold Glitter flakes in em. This Palette is verrry versatile!

Be Bright Palette

Not gonna lie this was thee one that made me HAVE to purchase! In this palette all of the shades are shimmery, but they are soooo pretty. I am going to create looks using just the shades from this palette, but Later on I know these will look good with some Matte Shades.
"Wish" "Mauvelous" & "Starry Night" all have silver glitter flakes in em.
The Highlight "Inner Light" is sooo beautiful, It has like a pink tone to it. Its like pink and gold. and "Lollipop" is like a basic pink blush, with some glitter and shimmer.

I cannot wait til I actually put this palette to use! 

I haven't ever used a TooFaced Mascara, by looking at this, It's honestly not one that I would go for, because I have thin lashes, this Bulky wand is not something I geer towards. But I will give it a shot! 

Price: $45
Available: ULTA

So Overall I am really excited to use these palettes! I hope they blend well and work as good as they look! Be on the Look out because I will post an update, and the looks I create in a future post! I hope you guys enjoy this new series cuz I am really excited for it!
If you guys have any questions or comments Leave a comment down below, or Tweet me!
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& Remember..
"NO Matter what you crave for, always take a BITE into your dreams!"
XOXO yaya

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Clinique Universal Superprimer & Stay Matte Foundation!!

Heyyy Dolls! So today I am doing a Review on two Clinique Products!
I recently received my Gratis Award (Previous Post!) and I couldn't wait to start using my products. I had taken home a sample of the Foundation, so I have been using it off and on for the last 2 weeks, and I think now that I've used it quite a bit, I have enough info for a valid review! 
WARNING!: You are about to see some RatchCity Nails, Do not be alarmed! Lol

So Lets Begin with the Superprimer!
It is 1FL OZ
5 different primers
This Retails for $27 which is a pretty typical price for a Prestige Brand Primer.
On The Box:
"Translucent primer creates an ideal makeup canvas. Smooths skin's
texture, preps for makeup application and wear. Colour glides on evenly,
stays true. Lightweight, oil-free. Smooth over entire face or where needed
with clean fingertips or makeup sponge before foundation."

Also as you know all of Cliniques products are Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance FREE.
Honestly the boxes description is spot on! I love this primer! It totally evens out my skin's texture, and even lightly conceals my pores! I even like it more than my porefessional! It doesn't have a greasy residue at all! and it totally absorbs into my skin. My skin feels so soft after I use it.

Overall: I give this Primer a 10/10 , It really does have great quality and is definitely something I would recommend. 

Now the Foundation:
Its 1 FL OZ
Retails for $23!!!!
20 Available Shades
Coverage: Sheer to Moderate
Finish: Natural-matte
On The Box:
"Oil-controlling makeup absorbs shine so skin looks fresh, flawless all day.
Lightweight gel-cream formula wears beautifully and comfortably. Oil-free 
Perfect for all but the driest skins."
Also Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance FREE. I got mine in the shade 14 Vanilla. However, I can also wear a couple of the other shades. Clinique bases their shades on different Color Groups.

You can see right after my shade it has in parenthesis MF-G, that stands for Moderately Fair-Golden. There are other shades that have that same MF-G and that is why I can wear other as well. Okay so lets get to thee facts! This foundation definitely Stays Matte! I have really oily skin, so I am always skeptical. I think about 85% of the day I am matte! Also this is Sweat-Resistant which I think is somewhat true. I do sweat sometimes at work and honestly it doesn't ruin my makeup. Also It says sheer to moderate coverage but I feel that is more Light-Medium and can be built up to a Full coverage.

Here's some Before and After Pics.
The left side of my face is done here.

Overall: I really love this foundation! I always used it on my clients, but never on myself. Like I said I am always skeptical on whether products really "Stay Matte" but this foundation really does that! I give this foundation a well deserved 10/10. It keeps me matte, and last all day. I wore it to work today, and I still have it on. I've worn this for a 12-hour day and had no issues with it creasing or becoming streaky. And it is amazingly priced!

So that Concludes my review Ladies & Gents. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and found it helpful! Also if you have any Questions regarding these products or any Clinique Products Leave me a comment down below, or Tweet me!

Thanks for stopping by dolls!
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Clinique Gratis HAUL!

Hey Loves!
So Today 11/4/13 I got a Package that I have been waiting for!!!
If you don't know I am a Clinique Beauty Consultant at ULTA!
and Quarterly we get a GRATIS AWARD!
meaning they give us a certain amount to use on their Gratis site!
I'm not sure how they choose the amount we get, but I know me and my counter manager got the same amount! 
DISCLAIMER: So NO I did not purchase this with my own money, but I earned it by working for the company.
This is my 2nd time receiving the Gratis Award! The first time was when I first was employed, and to be honest I just bought skincare stuff!
But this time I got some skincare and some beauty products! YAY!!!
Also at the end I will be including a pic of some goodies I got in a gift bag from ULTA's Holiday Meeting!
So I thought I'd Share!

I waited for this package all day! I got an alert saying it would be delivered by the end of the day, and literally I must had been their last delivery!

So Im going to start with the things that arent in packages! Which happens to be..
Liquid Facial Cleanser Oily Skin Formula, Clarifying Lotion #4, and Dramatically Different Moisturing Gel (DDMG)

First and Most Importantly I had to get more of my 3-Step System!
I literally just ran out of my cleanser this morning, and I ran out of my clarifying lotion like a week ago! I am a #4 in their 3-step system!
(If you guys would like a post on the 3-Step System and how it works, Leave a comment below!)
Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam and Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion 
I also picked up the Acne Solutions 3-Step System! Minus the moisturizer.
We still have a little left and to be honest we like the DDMG better.
Both me and mason(my bf) use this, and we love it.
Mase uses it daily and I use it when I have a breakout!
Acne Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask
Also for skincare I picked up this Acne Solutions Oil-Control Mask!
I am a grease ball, so I thought I'd give this a try! Plus I'm told it can be used as an overnight spot treatment!
Now for the Fun Part...
Universal Superprimer
Starting with one of their NEW Superprimers.
Actually I didn't order this myself. After I submitted my actual order they threw this and the new eyeshadow quad in, as an extra gift!
So this is the Universal Primer! I have yet to try these so I am excited.

The 2nd gift they added was this eyeshadow quad is "Jenna's Essentials"
It's a smokey palette! I've played with these at work! and they are very pigmented!

So the 1st actual Beauty Product I hand picked is this Stay-Matte Foundation in Vanilla.
I took a couple samples from my counter to see how it works, and I fell in Love.
So this was a must! The color looks a little light in the tube, but I've worn this shade and works with my skintone very well!
Advanced Concealer in Shade 01 Matte Light

I am a little bummed about this, because on the site this shade looked darker.
It appears to be a little too light for me. But may work in the winter.
and it somewhat works on my undereye! 

Bottom Lash Mascara in Shade 02 Black/Brown

I honestly picked this up, because I had $10 dollars Left. 
But I still thought this was cool. It's definitely one of those things I wouldn't actually care to buy, but if given I will definitely use!

Eye Defining Liquid Liner in Shade 01 Black

Eyeliner is one of my favorite steps in makeup so this was a MUST! They didn't have their cream liner on the site , so I settled for this, but after seeing the felt tip, I have a feeling I am going to loveeee this!

Lastly, I got a couple of lipsticks!
High Impact Lip Colour 14 Cider Berry
High Impact Lip Colour 02 Nude Beach
Long Last Lipstick 06 red red red , I got 2 of these. this pic does not do this lip color justice, it is a trueeee RED!

High Impact Lip Colour 27 After Party

High Impact Lip Colour 19 Extreme Pink


So that is all that I picked up for my Gratis Award!
I plan to do a Review on a couple of these products so be on the look out!
Also if you guys have any questions about any of these products, Leave a comment below or tweet me! Also if you have Q's about working for Clinique or ULTA.
Anywho I hoped you guys enjoyed this!
Until my next blog.
Thanks for stopping by!
"NO matter what you crave for, always take a bite into your dreams!"
XOXO yaya.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween FINALE!

OCTOBER 31ST, 2013!!!!!!!!
For Halloween I wanted to do something fun and easy!
I also wanted it to somewhat compliment my nephews costumes!
My younger Nephew(3) was a little devil boy, and my older nephew(6) was Toad from Super Mario!
So I had to really think through of two Characters that were somewhat compatible. 
One that was edgy, and devil like, and one that was cute and girly.
The obvious would have been princess peach from Super Mario, but that is a costume that you need a little more than just good makeup!
So I looked down at my car keys and it popped right into my head!

So Adventure time is one of me and my boyfriends fave shows!
and it was only perfect that I did this. 
Princess BubbleGum is sorta like Princess Peach
and Marceline is a vampire so that went great with a little devil boy!

 I basically figured I could use pinks and purples to accomplish PB and then do a edgy vampy look to achieve marceline!
Lets just jump into thee product list!


Okay so as always I began with my complexion, which was extremely simple I chose to not use a liquid foundation, because I only did my makeup to go trick or treating.

So I began with my Pur Minerals primer as always! I then concealed using my amazing cosmetics concealer. I went a little heavy on my under eye and then took a little on a couple blemishes. Now looking at the pic above I'm sure your wondering,,"Why so many powders?"
Well they all had a different purpose. 
After I concealed I used my Rimmel Stay Matte powder right under my eyes! Then 
I took my kryolan translucent powder heavily under my left eye. Marceline's character has like a grey skin tone, so i wanted to achieve an ashy look.
I used my NYX powder all over my face to absorb any oil and keep me matte.

Okay for my brows I did something a little different.
For My PB side I decided to erase my brow using NYX JUMBO pencil in milk.
If you have naturally bold brows you may have to use a glue stick first then conceal. but my brows are pretty fine so this worked fine for me. Then I took a purple shade from my 120 palette and created my brow!

For My Marceline side, I took my Starlooks eyeliner and created an intense brow. I flicked it at thee end to give a dramatic look.

So for my eye shadow I first began with PB's side

I used Bella Pierre shadows, and all i did was take the pink shade heavily all over my lid, and above my crease and I flicked it out into a cat like shape.
Then I took the purple right on top of that and blended it into the pink. I also dragged these shades onto my lower lash line.
For Marceline's look I used my 120 palette. I basically took the Matte white shade all over the lid stopping right at my crease, and then took a black shade and carefully took that into my crease and outter corner. I wanted it to have a cut crease that is why I took my time with it.
I also dragged that on my lower lash line. Then I used the red shade right under the black on my lower lash line and created a red and black gradient.

After that I winged out my liner on both eyes and applied mascara.

For PB complexion I contoured using a blend of some pink shades from my 120 palette.

For Marcelines complexion I contoured using my elf cool bronzer quad. But I contoured with the same brush I applied the black shadow with to totally deepen it and appear more vampy.

For PB's Highlight I used a shimmery pink shade from my 120 Palette.
For Marcelines Highlight, I used a shimmery silver shade from my 120 Palette.

For PB's Lip color I used a very bright pink lipstick from Wet N' Wild and a pink liner from NYX
& For Marcelines lips I used NYX black lip liner and Revlons black cherry lipstick
To finish off both looks I added some extra things!
On both I used NYX glitter liner around the inner corners of both eyes.
Then for my PB side i decided to create some kind of bubblegum on my forehead.
On my Marceline side I created some red veins coming from my under eye.
I achieved both using a halloween makeup palette I got from Walmart.

So that is just about it guys!!
I really hope you enjoyed this! I did this was a fun look for me. and my nephews loved it!
If you guys have any questions please leave a comment below or tweet me!

Thanks for stopping by loves!
NO matter what you crave for, always take a bite into your dreams!
XOXO yaya!

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