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Review: Clinique Universal Superprimer & Stay Matte Foundation!!

Heyyy Dolls! So today I am doing a Review on two Clinique Products!
I recently received my Gratis Award (Previous Post!) and I couldn't wait to start using my products. I had taken home a sample of the Foundation, so I have been using it off and on for the last 2 weeks, and I think now that I've used it quite a bit, I have enough info for a valid review! 
WARNING!: You are about to see some RatchCity Nails, Do not be alarmed! Lol

So Lets Begin with the Superprimer!
It is 1FL OZ
5 different primers
This Retails for $27 which is a pretty typical price for a Prestige Brand Primer.
On The Box:
"Translucent primer creates an ideal makeup canvas. Smooths skin's
texture, preps for makeup application and wear. Colour glides on evenly,
stays true. Lightweight, oil-free. Smooth over entire face or where needed
with clean fingertips or makeup sponge before foundation."

Also as you know all of Cliniques products are Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance FREE.
Honestly the boxes description is spot on! I love this primer! It totally evens out my skin's texture, and even lightly conceals my pores! I even like it more than my porefessional! It doesn't have a greasy residue at all! and it totally absorbs into my skin. My skin feels so soft after I use it.

Overall: I give this Primer a 10/10 , It really does have great quality and is definitely something I would recommend. 

Now the Foundation:
Its 1 FL OZ
Retails for $23!!!!
20 Available Shades
Coverage: Sheer to Moderate
Finish: Natural-matte
On The Box:
"Oil-controlling makeup absorbs shine so skin looks fresh, flawless all day.
Lightweight gel-cream formula wears beautifully and comfortably. Oil-free 
Perfect for all but the driest skins."
Also Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance FREE. I got mine in the shade 14 Vanilla. However, I can also wear a couple of the other shades. Clinique bases their shades on different Color Groups.

You can see right after my shade it has in parenthesis MF-G, that stands for Moderately Fair-Golden. There are other shades that have that same MF-G and that is why I can wear other as well. Okay so lets get to thee facts! This foundation definitely Stays Matte! I have really oily skin, so I am always skeptical. I think about 85% of the day I am matte! Also this is Sweat-Resistant which I think is somewhat true. I do sweat sometimes at work and honestly it doesn't ruin my makeup. Also It says sheer to moderate coverage but I feel that is more Light-Medium and can be built up to a Full coverage.

Here's some Before and After Pics.
The left side of my face is done here.

Overall: I really love this foundation! I always used it on my clients, but never on myself. Like I said I am always skeptical on whether products really "Stay Matte" but this foundation really does that! I give this foundation a well deserved 10/10. It keeps me matte, and last all day. I wore it to work today, and I still have it on. I've worn this for a 12-hour day and had no issues with it creasing or becoming streaky. And it is amazingly priced!

So that Concludes my review Ladies & Gents. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and found it helpful! Also if you have any Questions regarding these products or any Clinique Products Leave me a comment down below, or Tweet me!

Thanks for stopping by dolls!
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  1. I love your wing eyeliner! I have to try more clinique products for sure!

    1. Thanks doll! and you should they really have stepped their game up!
      BTW Thanks for the follow! Just followed your blog!
      XOXO yaya


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