Saturday, February 1, 2014

Clinique 101

Hellllloooo BeautyCravers!!! So I am often asked "What is it like, working for Clinique?" and I always respond with, "It's GREAT!". But I thought I would go more into detail, and allow everyone in, by posting a new segment "Life of a Clinique Girl". 
Now don't get the wrong Idea, I am not gonna post everyday after I get off, but if something important or major happens, I will be posting details!
On Tuesday January 28th I attended my 2nd Strategy Training!
The Training was in Sacramento at the Embassy Suites. Woman from Macys, Nordstroms, and Ulta's came, from all over. We walked in and had to find our seats! 
We then began, we discussed things like ways we could gain more clientele and how to get more traffic through our counter. We watched a video of different ways a consultant can help get exactly what a guest needs. We took a couple minutes to look over some products they had out also. We also had lunch at the hotel...
After we got back from lunch, we got to do the fun stuff!!! 
I only got a picture of one, because they have already launched in other stores, and the other products don't launch until the spring! But they are our new CHEEK POPS! New long wearing cheek colors! They come in 4 different shades! and have a really cute design!
We also created face charts using some of the new products!
Other new products Include a New Mascara, a skincare product, and a New foundation product.
These products haven't launched yet, so I thought I shouldn't share them just yet!

Overall it was an Awesome time! and I cannot wait until the next one! Which I will be attending this month! If you guys have any questions about working for clinique or our Strategy Seminar, Leave it down below or tweet me!
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Thanks for stopping by!
"NO matter what you crave, always take a bite into your dreams!"
Xoxo yaya!


  1. What a great read! I'd love to hear more about your experience working with Clinique! I've been using some of their products since high school... it was my first makeup brand I started using :D Those new cheek colors look amazing not to mention tempting!
    Newest follower via gfc!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I was hesitant to post this at first! I definitely will be posting more tho! & wait til you see the other new products launching soon!!! I followed back love! Thanks for the follow!
      xoxo yaya

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm trying to get a job as one of the Dior girls at my local department store. I wonder if they have any interesting events like this too.

    Dom | Deareux

    1. Thats awesome! Go for it, Make friends with the girls, so you'll be in the loop on when they are hiring! Working for ULTA is great, and then Clinique is like a whole new world outside of Ulta! It's a blast going to these seminars, especially when you make friends with girls from other counters, its like a reunion each time! Good luck!
      xoxo yaya

  3. Hi. It sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend for personal reasons. I don't really want to share with my counter manager and I don't want to seem like a lousy employee. Do you know the consequences of not attending?


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