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Hey BeautyCravers!!! So if you follow me on IG then you know that Nail Art is something I really love to do! I always get asked How do I do it? and What do I use? So I thought I'd Share about some of the things I use, and if you don't have certain tools, What Great Alternatives there are! Today we are gonna focus on Dotting Tools! 
So Here are 2 kind of dotting tools that I own. After using other tools ( which we'll get to soon) I decided to look for some on Amazon, and I found them for $0.86 YES you read that correct 86 CENTS!!!  If you keep looking every now and then you will find a deal like that, but regularly they are available for less than $2!!!!
The "Bundle Monster" tools, came in a Nail Kit I got for Christmas from my boyfriends family.
These wooden handles are a nice touch! But they do exactly as my amazon ones, so if you cant get your hands on these, don't worry! Now if you don't wanna purchase anything, and use things you may have at home....Here are some GREAT ALTERNATIVES...

Dotting Tools!!
Bundle Monster Kit

Starting with...A Toothpick!!!!
A LOT of my beginning nail art started with a toothpick believe it or not! You just have to find a surface that you can use to dip your toothpick in polish on. Typically I use a Plastic disc I have, or a folded sheet of paper. All I do is place a drop of polish on, and then take some on the tip of the toothpick. The more you take the bigger the dot. Also if you let the polish dry on the tip, it will hold a round shape that creates larger dots! You can dispose them or you can save them for future nail art! Even though I have dotting tools, I always seem to use a toothpick too!

Don't have a Toothpick? No worries!....
Bobby Pins have those rounded ends, so it's like they were made to be nail dotting tools! and they work awesome! Just like toothpicks I also used these quite a bit, and sometimes I still do. The only downside is how thin they are, so they can be kind of tricky to hold steadily, but after a while you will get used to it! They are double ended just like a regular dotting tool, so you can create different sizes for them. Do that by letting the polish dry on the tip.

Don't have Bobby Pins...? NO Worries!
YES Guys!!! I thought of this idea, tried it out, and BAM! it works! I used my Paddle brush because I noticed it has different sizes but any brush bristles will work!...If you have an older brush, even better! Because you can pull more than one and get a variety of dotting tools!

So Guys, What kind of Nail art will you be creating?? Make sure if you use any of these ideas, You tweet me or send me a pic on instagram of the look you created!! I hope you found this helpful! Any questions? Leave em down below or tweet me! Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO yaya
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  1. Very cool idea! my teen is into nail design and you had some great tips!
    Followed you. :)


    1. Awesome! Im glad you enjoyed it!! Yes, and I have personally used these ideas and they all work!
      Thanks for the follow! I'll check out and follow your blog also!
      Thanks again!!
      xoxo yaya


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