Monday, February 10, 2014

Influenster/Pinch Me!!!

Hey BeautyCravers!! Welcome back to my blog! As you can see from above, Today I wanna talk about some Subscription Services I am signed up for! I'll include how they work, How much, How often and so on.....Lets Get Started!
So I have received a couple of VoxBoxes in the past, and decided that now I should start sharing them. You don't get these every month it is whenever they have a program going on they think will fit you. On the site you can take mini surveys and earn badges in order to higher the chances of you being invited to the box program. They will email you if they think you're fit for a box, and have you take a Pre-Qualifying survey, and If your're accepted they will email you with some details. I was apart of the site for about 2 months before being invited to receive a voxbox, so if it take long don't be discouraged! Be sure to stay active on the site and take the surveys! Everything is totally free! and I have gotten some amazing products from them! all full size! From shampoos, makeup, toiletries, and even more! A little over 2 weeks ago, they contacted me about a voxbox, and invited me to take the survey, so I did. A week later they said I was in, and they sent my box! It was a Dove VoxBox! 
This Deodorant is pretty good! It smells good, and it doesn't leave a residue on my shirts! Also, it last really long! I usually have long days, and I still smell fresh at the end of my day! Something I definitely recommend to someone who has long days like I do! Smelly pits aren't cute, so anything to make us smell good all day is a easy fave for me! Lol.

Next up ...Pinch me!

I am fairly new to Pinch Me! But so far I really like it. It's a lot easier than influenster! You have to be sure to check the site on Tuesdays, to be able to guarantee you get the products. They have been sold out each time I go. You take an initial survey to see what products your interested in. Then you just pick out the ones you wanna try. Once you've selected, you have a certain amount of time to finalize your shipment or else it goes back to being up for grabs for anyone else! I just received, 2 boxes....
So far I really like this site, I hope to receive more samples in the future! They are sample sized products. The Gevalia box, only came with one sample, for one cup of coffee, which was kinda lame. But overall this site is fun, and a great way to try new things! 

So Dolls I hope you enjoyed this! and I hope you guys start using these sites, they are both awesome, and FREE!!!! If you guys do join and receive products, show me what you get! Tweet me, or tag me in a pic on IG!!! Thanks for stopping by!

"NO matter what you crave, Always take a bite into your dreams!"
xoxo yaya

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