Saturday, November 23, 2013

"At First Bite" TooFaced Be Merry & Be Bright Palette! (New Series!)

Heyyyy BeautyCravers! So I wanted to start some type of series to my blog! Something that you guys can look forward to! I wanted something that is kind of my own, ya know. I know I could do first impressions, and Reviews, but I wanted to take it a step further, or back if you will! Basically This will be a series called "At First Bite!". It will be my first thoughts on a product, showing swatches, and what I think before I actually use it! Then after I have created a look or 2 I will feature it in a later post, with updates! So lets begin!

So I recently did a little haul at ULTA, and though I am super excited for everything I picked up, this one I am MOST excited for. So first let me say when this first hit our shelves, I said in my head "That is coming home with me!" 
Its been out for a little over a month or so, but I waited. We had an Employee Appreciation weekend, so we got a little extra of a discount, so I thought perfect time to pick up the things I have been eyeing..and this was thee most important item!

TooFaced Be Merry & Be Bright

The Packaging is super cute! The Polka Dots are so cute and festive, and The fact that it came with a makeup bag,,,UM YES!
Be Merry Palette

Okay So as soon as I opened this I was amazed at how pretty these are! I love that all of the Names are somewhat holiday themed. I am a bit hesitant to the fact that all but "Egg Nog" are shimmer shades. I am more of a Matte person, but I will definitely make it work. Plus this collection was just too pretty to pass up!
The Bronzer "Spice" is a little light but I think it will be nice for a Daytime look, I can use it to warm up my face. and the Blush "Peachy Keen" is a Beaut! it has a shimmer and Gold Glitter flakes. Definitely wont be an everyday shade for me, but its sooo pretty so I will put it to use!
Be Merry Palette

Are you Drooling yet? It's not picking up in the pics but "Bubbly" and "Chocolate Moon" have Gold Glitter flakes in em. This Palette is verrry versatile!

Be Bright Palette

Not gonna lie this was thee one that made me HAVE to purchase! In this palette all of the shades are shimmery, but they are soooo pretty. I am going to create looks using just the shades from this palette, but Later on I know these will look good with some Matte Shades.
"Wish" "Mauvelous" & "Starry Night" all have silver glitter flakes in em.
The Highlight "Inner Light" is sooo beautiful, It has like a pink tone to it. Its like pink and gold. and "Lollipop" is like a basic pink blush, with some glitter and shimmer.

I cannot wait til I actually put this palette to use! 

I haven't ever used a TooFaced Mascara, by looking at this, It's honestly not one that I would go for, because I have thin lashes, this Bulky wand is not something I geer towards. But I will give it a shot! 

Price: $45
Available: ULTA

So Overall I am really excited to use these palettes! I hope they blend well and work as good as they look! Be on the Look out because I will post an update, and the looks I create in a future post! I hope you guys enjoy this new series cuz I am really excited for it!
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& Remember..
"NO Matter what you crave for, always take a BITE into your dreams!"
XOXO yaya

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