Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Favorites!!

Hey Guys && Gals...So I haven't ever done one of these because I always remember at the last minute! But this time yo girl is prepared!! Alright I am not gonna bore you guys, lets just jump right in!

Well guys that's my faves for the month of AUGUST! I am going to try and do these for each month! Especially for fall, and winter!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this! What were some of your faves this month?? Thanks for stopping by!!
"NO Matter what you crave, Always take a bite into your Dreams!"
XOXO yaya!!!

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  1. Hi! I love reading your blog so i've added a link to your blog on my blogroll! Take a look, perhaps you could add me to yours? xxx

    Btw my most recent blog post is about self-confidence and bullying - check it out? I did a post before that about the evolution of fashion, you might find it interesting! xxx

    A tip for your blog: This blog post is very in your face and the pictures are too big. Try making them 'medium'! It makes it look a little bit less professional, but great blog post all the same!

    1. Thanks Doll! I totally appreciate your advice! and I will definitely add your blog to my page.,,,,
      Follow for a Follow?? Thanks again.


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