Sunday, August 31, 2014

Most Recent Pick-Ups! (Collective)

Hey All! Welcome back to my blog! So over the past month or so, I have picked up a few items here and there. Some that I had been eyeing for so long, and some that I seen and just immediately got excited for!!! They are mostly high-end items, which is why I didn't buy all at once Lol. But I always say...If its meant, it will be Lol Even when it comes to makeup! So Below I am going to show some pics, and some deets about these products!! Like why I wanted em, and what they remind me of!

Stila Sweetheart Bronzer this was a Last Chance product at my ULTA! It was only $14.50 and I just thought it was really pretty. Some of them are matter shades and some have a shimmer. Swirled together its beautiful, and sometimes I just take the shimmer shades for a lil glow!

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzer for Brunettes!
Honestly I only bought this because it smells amazing!! It smells like coco butter. But it does wear very nicely too, I use it along with my other bronzers to get the perfect contour!

Tarte The Sculptor Face stick: I had my eye on this since it came into store! I am always looking for a way to perfect my contour! This looked so beautiful, and it swatched so nicely! It was a MUST BUY!

BECCA Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Watermelon/Moonstone : This brand is new to my store! And when I came in and seen all of their beautiful products, I was in AWE. These immediately caught my attention, and i absolutely had to have one. Can I just say, choosing the shade was ridiculously hard! It comes in 6 shades! I chose watermelon for the perfect summer color, I am definitely going to get another for fall!! 

Napoleon Perdis Mighty Concealer Pen in Mellow Yellow: Alright so I had been eyeing this since I first started as a Prestige Consultant! The main reason I wanted this was because it reminded me of Macs Prep & Prime. (It's a lil lighter in person) But I didn't want to pick it up at $29 because I wasn't sure if I really wanted it. But last Sunday Napoleon went 50 % OFF at ULTA, and I decided that Now was the perf time to try it! So far soooo goood!

Napoleon Perdis Mattifying Primer: For one a powder primer?? um WOW. Also this was 50 % OFF too. But I really wanted this because it kinda reminds me Ben Nye's Banana Powder with its yellow tint. Now It definitely does not wear like Banana Powder because its so silky! So I find its better if I wear it on top of my under eye setting powder to give it that brighter tint!

Well Dolls that's everything that I have picked up so far! I have really enjoyed all of these products! If you guys have tried these and love them like I do, Leave a comment below or tweet me! 

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