Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Skincare Routine: Couples Edition!!

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I wanna talk about skincare!
I had always had a really hard time finding the perfect regimen for my skin up until about over a year ago! For the last year I have been using the same routine with a couple add on's here and there. So I wanna talk about my skin type & what works for me! A little twist though I am also including my boyfriends skincare routine too! I though it'd be fun and informational for any male readers. Plus he has been using his routine for a little over a year also! Lets jump right in!

So if you don't know, I work for Clinique and after trying a few things, we use almost EVERYTHING clinique Lol.

My Routine!!
I have Oily/Combination skin, meaning My T-Zone is oily, but my cheeks are normal/comfortable!
Here's My Products:

Cleansing System
1.Liquid Facial Soap for Oily Skin: Basic Cleanser, picks up excess dirt's and oils without drying out your skin.
2.Clarifying Lotion #3: Sweeps away dead skin cells on the skins surface, and excess oils. & preps skin for hydration.
3.Dramatically Different Gel Moisturizer: Oil Free Moisturizer, helps your skin retain more moisture, and strengthens your moisture barrier.

Moisture Boosters
1.Clinique Smart Serum: Custom Repair Serum for damage you seen and damage you don't see. I use it for Rough Texture and Uneven skin tone.
2.Even Better Skin tone Correcting Lotion SPF 20: Oil-Free Moisturizer for oily skin, creates even skin tone and protects your skin. (Day Cream)
3.Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer: Helps keep your skin strong, and protects your skin from aging. It comes in 2 types for dry skin and oily.
4.All About Eyes: Diminishes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, and helps keep makeup on.

I love this system that I have, my skin has never been so healthy and balanced! I do everything in the exact order I wrote. Mix & Match the Day & Night Cream!
If your interested in this system, please don't assume you are the same type as I am. You can go to your nearest clinique counter and get skin typed, or go online to their site and answer the questions. Of course I can always help also!

Mason's Routine!
1. Clinique Exfoliating Scrub: We both use this about 2-3 times a week. Helps keep the dead skin cells from building up!
2. Clinique Acne Solutions Foaming Cleanser: Helps clear and prevent breakouts, Removes excess dirt's and oils, and unclogs the pores! 
3. Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying lotion: Medicated formula (White Powder) exfoliates, reduces oil, and unclogs pores! (Masons Fave step!)
4. Clinique for MEN SPF 21 moisturizer: Lightweight oil-free moisture, with sun protection.
5. Even Better Eyes: Lightweight eye cream, help visibly lighten dark circles.

Mason had been having really bad acne breakouts, and we were unable to find a good system for him, until last year! This acne system has worked tremendously for him! His breakouts have cleared up so good, and he rarely has bad breakouts anymore. There is a 3rd step in the acne system , which is a moisturizer ,but he didn't like it so we switched it out! Also he puts on his eye cream before his SPF moisturizer! Remember, its always better to go and get skin typed or I can help you figure out your skin needs. This system may not be for everyone!

So that is everything that we use! 2-3 times a week, I incorporate a mask, but I'm going to talk about those in a separate post, because I have so many faves! I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you have any questions or need help skin typing yourself, go ahead and leave a comment below or tweet me! Thanks for stopping by!
"NO matter what you crave, always take a bite into your dreams!"
XOXO yaya

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